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Sindrome de Langer Giedion: En Ingles
Síndrome de Langer-Giedion
Definición: Autosomal dominant disorder characterized by cone-shaped epiphyses in the hands and multiple cartilaginous exostoses.
Mental retardation and abnormalities of chromosome 8 are often present.
The exostoses in this syndrome appear identical to those of hereditary multiple exostoses (EXOSTOSES, HEREDITARY MULTIPLE).

Acrodisplasia V
Síndrome Tricorrinofalangiano Tipo II
Síndrome de Giedion-Langer
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Exostosis Múltiple Hereditaria The Child's Doctor [Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago]
Brachydactyly in an affected adult woman and her three-year-old child; note widening of the proximal interphalangeal joints.
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This is a G-banded ideogram of human chromosome 8. It shows the general location of LGS in relationship to the entire chromosome

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