sábado, 1 de septiembre de 2007

Iº Encuentro Europeo de Amberes (Belgica)

Aqui teneis el resumen del Encuentro de Amberesde 2006, con los Grupos Europeos de MHE/OMC

En la Pag. del Grupo Holandes: http://www.hme- mo.nl/

SUPPORT GROUPS CREATE THE BASIS FOR EUROPEAN COOPERATIONMid November MHE/MO patient support groups from the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands made the first step on the road to European Cooperation.

The -still to be founded- platform for European cooperation should collect information about MHE/MO and stimulate research on this condition “.
Because the support groups are relatively small and it is a rare condition our patients are helped by a bigger, international network.”

The idea for a meeting of MHE/MO groups at European level was already discussed in 2004 by Helen Small, Jan de Lange and Marion Post during a visit of the Dutch support group to their English colleagues.
Now the idea became reality. On the 18th and 19th of November 2006 five support groups (some of them still in the process of establishing themselves) were present at the first meeting.

For more information download this pdf file.

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