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Exostosis information from the Atlanta Dental Group PC:

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An exostosis is a bone bump growing outward from the side of a jaw bone. It's similar in nature to a torus mandibularis and torus palatinus in that they all act to support the teeth.
The word comes from the Greek roots ex- meaning out of and osteon meaning bone. It can be seen in the upper jaw, lower jaw or both jaws. Strangely, this growth of bone is usually parallel of the floor as a patient stands. It can be a single dense oval of bone or consist of multiple rounded masses.

An exostosis is seen in patients who suffer with tooth grinding and is the body's way of supporting the increased stress.
The growth is made of normal bone and is benign. Many patients do not notice these slow growing outgrowths and become alarmed when they first see them. However, they are a normal variation of bone and generally do not need to be removed.

If a patient needs dentures, an exostosis may interfere with dentures.
Plastic complete dentures can not go around a bone bump. In some cases, a large outgrowth forces food towards the teeth and contributes to periodontal disease problem. In these cases, the bone must be removed. Fortunately, it's a routine outpatient oral surgery procedure done in the dental office under local anaesthesia by many general dentists and oral surgeons.

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