sábado, 25 de agosto de 2007

Conferencia de HME Newcastle:05/05/07

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Animation used at the 10th Annual Conference of the Hereditary Multiple Exostoses Support Group (HMESG)

Our animation was used at the 10th Annual Conference of HMESG in Newcastle on 5th May 2007.
Dr Michael Wright from the Institute of Human Genetics, Newcastle, used our animation in a talk on the genetic basis of Hereditary Multiple Exostosis (HME).

HME is a rare bone condition; most people with the condition are found to have a mutation in one of the EXT genes. The animation aimed to explain to the members of the support group, the critical role EXT genes play in normal cells.
Hereditary Multiple Exostosis is one of the genetic conditions which will be covered in Gene Journey.

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